Bios & Spotlight Interview

Thanks for getting involved with the 2018 Gathering of Alberta Co-operatives, we're excited to have you on board. Please take a moment to fill out the short speaker/leader biography and the blog interview forms below.

If you are delivering a keynote session, this will be to everyone (anticipated between 80 and 130 delegates). If you are delivering a workshop session, delegates will choose their workshops 4-6 weeks beforehand, so we are able to provide you with an idea of numbers.

Sample Biography:


William McGlynn

Communications Officer
Alberta Community & Co-op Assoc.

Will joined ACCA as Communications Officer in May 2018. One of his key roles is organizing the 2018 Gathering of Alberta Co-operatives. Outside of this, he helps the ACCA improve awareness of co-operatives by advocating for a united sector voice. He brings experience in raising awareness of community sport programs and influencing government policy to secure investment.  

At the Gathering, he'll be focused on making sure sessions runs smoothly, reporting via social media and capturing delegate feedback on issues of importance to take back and improve ACCA's service.

Speaker Biography

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Day 2 of the conference is dedicated to Leadership. Would you be willing to be involved as a Mentor on this day? The idea is for small groups of delegates to rotate and have a '1 on 1' type opportunity for 10-15 mins with sector leaders.

Spotlight Blog Interview

To help in the promotion of the Gathering, we are planning to do a 'Speaker Spotlight' blog every 2 weeks starting in August. If you have the time, we would greatly appreciate if you answered some pre-populated questions below. Alternatively, we would be happy for you to guest blog/post about something related to your field!

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