Conference Themes

Bringing the co-operative community together

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Co-Op leadership

No organization can outpace the quality of its leadership. Day 2 of the 2018 Gathering is dedicated to leadership.

We will explore and discuss the core competencies for co-operatives to attract, retain, and develop excellent leaders, and how proactive leadership can advance business and community goals to meet membership needs.



What does growth look like?

Is it the the amount of Alberta’s GDP attributed to co-operatives in the next five years? Is it growth in membership? Is it how many new co-operatives are incorporated?

We can't answer all these questions, but the Gathering will provide an opportunity to clarify what growth means to your organization, and how co-operatives can stay ahead of the changes in the recovering economy.

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Knowledge Sharing

The co-operative sector has an abundance of skills, experience, and knowledge. Whether your organization has this fantastic idea you want to try, or if you have recently expanded, changed or developed; the positives and challenges are often the same.

Sharing knowledge between sectors and delegates fosters co-operation and helps create a more efficient sector.